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Ordering is Easy!

Diana Lowery wants ordering books and products to be simple and easy.

Find creative, exciting, educational and fun books that make reading the perfect experience for the classroom or individual child.

Explore the multi-award winning Sally-Save-Water© Awareness Program’s book “Here Comes Sally-Save-Water©️” in English, Spanish, Italian and Braille.

This charming book is available in print, Ebook and audio selections. Braille is available in English, by contacting Diana Lowery Consulting.

Yes, this book enhances S.T.E.A.M learning, too.

Discover the multi-award winning Sally-Save-Water© Awareness Program’s book “Think B4U Dump©️”. Children have fun learning how to help save our planet from water pollution

Looking for the perfect book, with special reminders on how you can improve kindness in our world? Looking for the perfect book with enchanting photography? “An Alphabet Garden of Kindness©️” is a wonderful choice for the young or those always young at heart.

You will find this enchanting book available in print English, Spanish and Italian and the Ebook in English, Spanish and Italian, too!

"Sally-Save-Water© Did it Again!"

"Growing up I was raised to 'save every drop,' so I love that my kids are learning about water conservation from Sally too. Sally's tone and dialogue is the perfect blend for an educational yet lighthearted bedtime story. As the former President of California's Schools Public Relations Association and current Professor of Communication, I am confident that kids will be captivated and informed by this witty book."

– Jacqueline Ratto, M.A.


About the Author

Diana Lowery has decades of successful experience as an educator, administrator and curriculum developer. In addition, her extensive background in radio, television, advertising and public outreach produced an award -winning children's cable television program.

Her happy and fun new book "Here Comes Sally-Save-Water©️" provides a joyful reading or audio experience about saving planet Earth's water....and adds much to a child's STEM/STEAM learning.

The entire Sally-Save-Water™️Awareness Program has been the winning element for many awards, including, the United States Department of Interior's Educational Mentor Award For Outstanding Efforts In Water Conservation and the 21st Annual Communicator Silver Award of Distinction.

Diana continues extensive community involvement and has, recently, completed her second children's for it soon.

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